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We provide wide range of glass cleaning and accessories. We clean all kind of glass with Very Professional Manpower and Qualified personnel and modern cleaning devices and techniques have to be used in the process of cleaning. To prevent costly repairs, it is necessary to ensure the property value retention by means of periodic cleaning and maintenance. Often, this requires working platforms and dealing with difficult locations. You have to know your craft expertly. And we do, as a specialist in the craft of building cleaners.

With complete set of glass cleaning and professional approach cleaning of glass is made easy and convenient. The set includes glass washer for application of water or chemical solution.

Outlook of the building gives the impression of the reputation of the company and if, front of building is made of glasses so cleaning of façade / glasses is come in most priority work list. The exterior of buildings is affected continuously by wind, snow, rain etc. Therefore, it is a must to maintain buildings using facade cleaning service. For the same we do

An important aspect of facade cleaning is the health and safety of the manpower. Before commencing the service, we ensure our manpower is insured and aware of health and safety regulations.

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