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Specific Cleaning was incorporated in 2009 and one of the pioneer in Cleaning Services domestic & office cleaning industry.the company has Achieving excellent standards of service it consistently provides to an ever expanding customer base.

Before undertaking any project, we are happy to provide our client with a sample. A sample gives our client confidence in the quality of service we can deliver. It also helps to clearly outline the scope of work, materials to be used and time required.

All the day busy in your work and back to home. The routine continues and most of the weekend is spent with the family for a holiday or in a party. Find no time to clean up your home. But, every one expect it has to be clean & hygiene.

We are here to provide a wide variety of cleaning services. We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are well trained to clean anything and everything. House to Apartments/Villas or Commercial space to Multinational Company, we provide the best service in industry.

Our aim is to provide all kind of Housekeeping services in every sector and we are specialized in it. We are well equipped with to provide quality work in less time. If every home is clean and maintained well then, it is for sure that we are healthy. We believe in a great saying ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’. This is our mission and we have already started to prove it.

We are committed to delight customers with our best quality services. We provide special trainings to our employees before going on field. In addition to that a regular guest lectures are arranged to teach the key concept and importance of corporate mannerism, language and the most important to be disciplined, sensitive and of course, punctual.

As we provide cleaning services in different areas. We also consider the area of work to be provided and offer our services at reasonable prize. We will not not compromise in quality and time.

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All our service providers have undergone third party background verification.


Our well trained and groomed service personnel provide the best services in the industry and will meet or exceed your expectations


Our services are reasonably priced to be accessible to all. You can start from lowest budget.